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Since its establishment, Dar El Chimal has published a wide collection of both educational and scientific books, in addition to the publication of the National Lebanese Scholastic books in all disciplines: science, mathematics, history, geography, and civil education in three languages (Arabic, French and English).

Equally important, DEC introduced the famous series Learning The Languages: Without a Teacher, this kind of books specialize in the education of foreign languages from Arabic to English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, Indonesian, Turkish, Chinese, Dutch, Malaysian, and so on.

The appreciations and success of such kind of books made the company into releasing To the Arabic language from English, French, and German all the new books are accompanied with an audio CD, to ensure the full grasp of the Arabic language. These kinds of publications made DEC serve a wider audience; it provided many Lebanese and Middle-eastern schools, private and public, with Arabic, English and French scholastic books from the kindergarten to the elementary level.

DEC have almost 1800 titles within its collection, the major books types are:

• Educational books, such as Arabic reading and writing, Mathematics, history, and geography in the Arabic and French languages grades k-12.

 Children's and Educational illustrations that vary from big posters to small flash cards. Posters that stimulate conversation and ideas whilst offering a fun way to learn and connect important topics and thoughts.

 Children and Youth stories, for all levels that covers many topics such as local and world-known historic and artistic figures, in three languages Arabic, French and English.

 Learning the languages series, it covers almost 30 languages from Arabic; it ensures all the right pronunciations and elocutions. In addition to our new series that covers learning the Arabic language from the English, the German and the French language, accompanied by audio CDs (essential for parents living in foreign countries that they want to teach their children or themselves the Arabic language).

 Large collection of dictionaries, to suit the need for the primary and secondary level. Arabic to Arabic –French- English- Italian- German- Spanish, also vice versa (all languages to Arabic).

 Scientific encyclopedias (Arabic), essential for every home and library due to the different useful subjects it covers (transportation, the universe and earth, general science, information computers and the internet, animals and plants…).

 Family books (Arabic), that covers a variety of subjects including family health, are you waiting for a baby, newborn baby? All you need to know guide, the art of make-up …).

 In addition to our best selling the art of ceramic & glass painting and the art of silk painting.

 The collection also contains a large set of Law, history, and philosophy Books.

The company also provides school supplies from the nursery level till the 12th grade, making sure that school work is trouble free. Also we provide stationery, envelopes, office supplies, printer cartridges, laser toner, copier paper, and office stationery essentials. We proudly supply stationery to many Lebanese and Arabic businesses, schools as well as various government departments.

Our range of products includes:

 School textbooks. 
 Educational toys. 
 All types of stationery. 
 Filling Equipment. 
 Office machines, shredders, laminating machines etc.

Our good reputation, as well as our honest dealing helped us to stay ahead in providing knowledge and education to every child, young and adult throughout the world. Our clientele extends from the Middle East to the north-African region, supplying many public and private institutions with our wide range of scholastic and educational books.




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