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About the Founder

Words summarizing Issam Rahouly’s Great Effort:

Issam Rahouly, founder and owner of Dar El Chimal (printing, publishing and distributing).

Issam Rahouly was a perfectionist and a hard worker by habit with a Fascination in Books and literature.

He proved himself as a flexible and young entrepreneur within the industry's top publishers and marketers.

From a couple of hundred Lebanese pounds to a multi-million dollar corporation

He handled everything from management to sales, dealing with clients and merchants on a regular basis.

Issam Rahouly ran Dar El Chimal as a manager, publisher and as a friend to everyone within his community. 
He was known for his wisdom and wide knowledge in everything related to the industry.

You might not like his approach at certain times, but you can never dislike his charisma, 
he had a straight-forward honest approach leaving every customer always satisfied.

He, who accompanied him in his struggle, knew him to be known for his sincerity,
integrity and enthusiasm at work.

May his soul rest in peace



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