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06/20/201102- Bookstore showroom sales REF:SS-1101
02- Bookstore showroom sales REF:SS-1101

    Criteria: Preferably Female   Working hours:  Day Shift: 8AM - 4PM Night Shift 2PM - 8PM Monday to Saturday       POSITION SUMMARY: This position is responsible for performing sales, customer assistance, processing of merchandise and clerical Poin..

07/05/201103- E-Commerce and data entry officer REF:MC-1101 (CLOSED)
03- E-Commerce and data entry officer REF:MC-1101 (CLOSED)

  Position Closed   E-Commerce and data entry officer REF:MC-1101   Criteria: Preferably Female High English language proficiency Familiar with web surfing and internet websites Note: Full training of the duties below will be provided within the fir..

07/11/201101- Outdoor marketing Female REF:OM-1101
01- Outdoor marketing Female REF:OM-1101

  Criteria: Preferably Female under 35 Working hours: Day Shift: 8AM - 4PM (May vary) Monday to Saturday (May vary)     In order to qualify Candidate must have a CAR (car expenses will be paid in full) EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE: (A comparable amount of training, education or ..

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